best sleep quality

Did you know that in the course of your life you spend about 24 years on a mattress?
Rest at night is very important for us to stay healthy and start the next morning fresh, alert and refreshed in our
everyday life. Unfortunately, many people do not know that incorrect posture or even incorrect positioning of the body in bed can lead to tension, because the muscles and the entire body are supported incorrectly.
We will advise you individually and show you how you too can get out of bed the next morning feeling alert and refreshed.


Which mattress is right for you?
A personal consultation is very 

important to us.


Each mattress is individually made to measure and adapted to your body, as well as to your needs.


Our mattresses are also available for various health problems, which act through 

special materials.

Sleeping posture is more important than you think!

Proper body positioning during the night is crucial for your relaxation, rest and health.


Tense neck muscles lead to severe pain patterns in case of bad posture during sleep. It is estimated that 80% of all headaches originate here.

Arms fall asleep

The arm hurts, is numb and stings like a thousand needles. The cause is damage and / or irritation of the arm nerves due to incorrect positioning of the arm or the cervical spine.

Hip joint complaints

Pressure load caused by unsuitable mattresses often causes considerable pain when joints are worn out and is responsible for inflammation of the joints.


sciatica, which runs down the legs to the calf and foot, can hurt very badly and last for months. A bed that promotes a cramped sleeping posture often aggravates this condition.

Ankle pain

Varicose veins can cause swelling of the ankle, which affects sleep,
if the mattress
does not provide an even 

distribution of pressure.

Soft tissue rheumatism

Poor sleeping posture causes the shoulder and back muscles to tense up.
This results in a pronounced pain pattern due to inflammation of the
muscles and nerves.

Back pain

For eight out of ten people, life is affected at times by back problems.
Back pain and immobility often worsen
often worsen after a "night's rest".

aching knees

Wear and tear of the knee joints are sensitive to pressure and touch and are prone to inflammation. A good mattress cushions the joints and thus protects them.
thus protects them.

Our products

Our VISCO MIND pillows are a core of visco foam covered by a cotton cover. The outer cover is made of mixed viscose fiber.                      
With this pillow, you will be able to sleep relaxed again, and rest your head in the way that is most suitable for your spine. Waking up without headaches or neck tension is now possible again.

Due to the core in this pillow, pressure influences are reduced and a relaxation of the neck and shoulder muscles is achieved. Due to specifically selected materials for the covers of the pillow, our pillows are perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.

  • Outer cover made of mixed viscose fiber
  • inner cover made of 100% cotton
  • anti-allergic
  • orthopedic
  • hygienic, mite-proof and ecological
  • perfect ergonomics
  • memory effect

Our EURORELAX mattresses have a connection for discharging electrical currents through grounding.  With this dissipation of electric charge, we additionally achieve the best antistatic properties.

Our EURORELAX feel-good mattresses are antimicrobial due to the use of silver and the perfect heat conduction of the silver used supports the optimal regulation of body temperature.

The silver fiber is firmly bonded to a polymer to form a physically permanent bond. It has been proven that silver fibers have a neutralizing effect on odors.

Carbon as another element of our mattresses makes them microbe-proof and anti-odor.

The specially quilted top side leads to significantly better sleeping climate.


  • antistatic        
  • antibacterial / antifungal      
  • antiseptic
  • mite-proof
  • pressure-reducing
  • optimal lying comfort
  • individual made to measure
  • free delivery
  • free disposal of old mattresses
  • no problems with mites
  • adapts optimally to your body

Our comforters with smartcel™ sensitive technology have a caring and skin-friendly effect during your sleep due to the use of cellulose in combination with zinc.

The zinc in our comforters creates an unfavorable climate for mites, which is why our comforters are highly recommended for allergy sufferers.

smartcel™ sensitive has the odor-reducing and antibacterial properties of zinc oxide.

Certified several times by hygiene experts
Jena University Hospital has certified the materials as having a strong antibacterial effect against Staphylococcus aureus.
Hohenstein Institute for Hygiene and Biotechnology: effective inhibition of the development of a mite population.

  • fiber based on natural cellulose
  • antibacterial and antifungal effect
  • effective protection against mites
  • stops bacteria and odors
  • ideal for allergy sufferers
  • zinc strengthens the immune system
  • zinc oxide promotes cell regeneration

Proper body positioning during the night is crucial for your relaxation, rest and health.