Reduces detergent consumption

The laundry ball reduces your detergent consumption by up to 80 percent per year. Depending on the wash cycles, it is possible to do without detergent altogether. For heavily soiled laundry, add a small amount of detergent or stain remover.

How does the laundry ball work?

Use one ball per load of laundry up to 5kg. For larger quantities, please use 2 laundry balls.
The laundry ball is simply placed in the drum with the laundry. It works in two different ways, once by negatively charged ions and by the mechanical friction. A laundry ball is equipped inside with small beads of natural minerals. These react to water and release negatively charged ions on direct contact. This process loosens the dirt from the laundry. However, mechanical friction is also effective in cleaning. The friction on the textiles loosens dirt from the fibers. Thanks to this method, the laundry ball proves to be an effective and useful cleaning assistant. In addition, rust and lime in the washing machine is reduced.