Neagive ions in the air drastically improve our well-being and allow us to breathe clean and pure air.
Studies have shown that 80-90% of our time is spent indoors and 50% of people who regularly work with computers suffer from headaches, memory and concentration problems.


Can increase health through the natural process of ionization 

in your home.


Ionization with negative ions is a natural process and occurs more at the sea, waterfalls or after rain.


From now on you will never have to do without clean and healthy air. The CLEAN TEC is handy and can be used anywhere.

What are ions?

An ion is a charged atom or monecule. Atoms or molecules have exactly as many negatively charged electrons as positively charged protons in the neutral state. Ions are formed when an atom or molecule has one or more electrons less or more than in the neutral state. Ions are positively charged when there is a lack of electrons and negatively charged when there is a surplus of electrons.

What is ionization?

The air is called "ionized" when the air molecule loses or gains an electron and becomes positively or negatively charged. Negative ions are also called good ions, because they bring numerous benefits to the whole organism, which have a positive effect on mood, energy and sleep quality.

negative ions =
healthy air

positive ions =
Unhealthy air

How does ionization happen in nature?

Ionization does not happen spontaneously, but requires energy. In nature, we find negative ions produced by lightning during thunderstorms, by UV light and by photosynthesis in plants. Humans can feel the increased number of negative ions in the air after a thunderstorm, after a heavy downpour, and near a waterfall. When we breathe in this "fresh air" that contains many negative ions, we feel refreshed and stimulated. The health, growth and efficiency of many living things can depend on the distribution of positive or negative charges.

Industrialization and pollution

Just as negative ions have a stimulating effect on humans, positive ions usually have a negative effect. Humans have evolved in an ion-rich environment, which is essential for
essential for his health. But since the industrial revolution, air pollution and the use of concrete to build cities have drastically reduced the concentration of negative air ions in cities and industrial areas. In fact, these materials are mainly positively charged, which quickly neutralizes negative ions. In cities where the ground is mainly covered with concrete, negative ions cannot escape from the ground. Indoors synthetic materials, electrical devices such as computers and televisions, cigarette smoke, and air conditioners neutralize
quickly neutralize the existing negative ions.

More concentration of negative ions

The higher the ion concentration in the air, the cleaner the
air and the higher the oxygen concentration in our body.
body. Today, high ion concentrations can only be found near the sea, waterfalls, in the mountains and in the forests. It has been shown that people who live near waterfalls, for example, rarely get sick and generally enjoy good health. On the other hand, people who live in polluted areas with few negative ions suffer more often from more severe physical and mental illnesses.

The importance of ionized air

Studies have shown that 80-90% of our time is spent indoors and 50% of people who regularly work with computers suffer from headaches, memory problems and concentration problems. The drying up of negative ions in the air not only weakens our body defenses, but also drastically reduces air quality. They spread into the body through the respiratory tract or the skin and spread into the blood. Through biochemical reactions, serotonin levels rise and increase the availability of mental and physical energy. They have an antioxydant effect, neutralizing positive ions
neutralize, thus strengthening the immune system and improving the cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems.

Advantages of ionization at home

  •  Simple device
  • Can be used by the whole family
  • Ready to use at any time
  • No additional costs such as filters

How an ionizer works

The ionizer is a circuit that brings the atoms of the atmosphere in contact with a very high voltage. The air that comes out from the ionizer is therefore rich in ions. The ionization of the air of an environment helps to make it cleaner: negative ions actually bind to the particles suspended in the air dust , aromas , smoke , pollen and bacteria) and charge them electrostatically. Consequently, the dust tends to bind to the surfaces it encounters instead of fluttering, making the air healthier.

Your advantages of ionized air with CLEAN TEC

  • Reduction of bacteria and viruses
  • Less allergens in the air
  • Reduction of odors
  • Stops the proliferation of mold
  • It reduces harmful emissions
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • It is Healthy

You want to know more about the TARAS® CLEAN TEC?

In our detailed brochure you will get to know the Clean Tec in even more detail.

Positive effects due to the ionization

Elimination of odors

against mold spores

clean room air

Reduced blood pressure

easier breathing

more performance

calm sleep

good mood

mental well-being

Air purification with the TARAS® CLEAN TEC

Clean air in all rooms

The TARAS® CLEAN TEC is an air ionizer manufactured by a leading Italian company in the medical field.

Without filters and completely without chemicals, a clean and healthy ambient air is achieved by enriching the room air with negative ions.

The needle technology used here produces only negative ions and no ozone.

Thus, the CLEAN TEC - unlike other cleaning devices - is harmless to health and all persons can remain in the room during cleaning.    

Unique with 39 ion generators  

CLEAN TEC is the only air purifier in the world based on the ionizer principle, which operates 39 ion generators and does not require maintenance or extra filters. Currently, the best devices in the trade have four or five generators.

Normally, atoms and molecules have a neutral state, in which the number of electrons and protons is identical. If the atom lacks electrons it is positively charged (excess of positively charged protons), if electrons are added it is negatively charged (excess of electrons).

These atoms are then called ions. Negative ions have a positive effect on our body, as they support or are even necessary for bodily functions in many ways.

Through innovative design and advanced technology, an extraordinarily large amount of room air can be purified with a device of these small dimensions.

Differences between CLEAN TEC & Ozonizers


Treatment that lasts the
the whole day without
Contraindications can last


During and after ionization you do not need to leave the 

rooms or ventilated


The inhalation of ionized air is the
best way to benefit 

from its properties


Rapid treatment, but retains a reduced effect over time


It is necessary to leave the room during ozonation and also to stay outside for a certain follow-up time.


Inhalation of ozonated air, even in small amounts, can be harmful to your health, irritates your throat and lungs, and increase the risk of respiratory infections.

You want to experience the CLEAN TEC live?

Our book tip on the effect of negative ions

Der Happiness-Effekt (The Happiness Effect)
The positive effect of negative ions on our health

von  Dr. Earl Mindell (Author) | ISBN 978-3-86374-333-8