Disinfection with sodium hypochlorite

The CLEAN series is ideal for on the road, in the car, in the handbag, in the office and can be used quickly at any time without alcohol, dyes or chemicals. In the household, the CLEAN series eliminates bacteria, viruses, biofilms and mold on a purely mineral basis . It decomposes back into water and salt after the job is done.

chemical free

without alcohol or dyes
on a purely mineral basis
decomposes to water and salt


Made in Germany
100% environmentally friendly and


Without side effects and
skin irritations
Immediately applicable and ready for use

Your advantages of disinfection with sodium hypochlorite

Bio-energy activated hand disinfection - hand hygiene without water.                

The hand disinfection is 100% biodegradable and absolutely environmentally friendly. Ideal for on-the-go hand care, cleaning and disinfection quickly and without water. 

  • Clean hands on the go
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Noticeably cares for the hands
  • Probiotic skin care
  • Green tea extract

Experience the world's first bio-energy activated water disinfection with limescale protection.                

  • Improves overall water quality and reduces calcification
  • Crystal clear water from the first application        
  • Existing limescale in the device and the pipes is gradually broken down
  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, biofilms and mold in the water tank,
  • water-carrying pipes and appliances
  • Perfect coffee aroma thanks to always fresh, activated water
  • The coffee machine remains hygienically clean                  
  • With every cup of coffee, the coffee machine cleans itself.      

Our product for the disinfection of indoor air and surfaces.  

Among other things, can be used:                    
(diluted) as an admixture to the water in your air freshener or cleaner.  (undiluted) as a surface disinfectant

Product properties:  

  • acts bactericidal        
  • acts virucidal        
  • acts fungicidal
  • tested according to DGHM guidelines

CLEAN AIR & SURFACE in use with the thermoAS®